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ProQuest Historical Newspapers includes the full run of several major U.S., international, African-American, and Jewish-American newspapers. The content includes the full image of the article as it appeared on microfilm, including advertisements.

The newspapers included in ProQuest Historical Newspapers are some of the major titles published, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and the Times of India. ProQuest has an African-American newspaper package which includes regional titles such as the Chicago Defender, Los Angeles Sentinel, the Norfolk Courier and Post, and more. There is also a Jewish-American newspaper package, which includes titles such as the Jewish Advocate and the American Israelite. Each article appears online as it does on microfilm. Some users have found, however, when browsing issues or flipping through pages, that the microfilm is often easier to read.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers has some idiosyncrasies. When searching, keep in mind that a phrase of two or more words has to be framed in quotation marks to correctly retrieve search results. Some author bylines are attached to the title of the article and are not in the author field. So, instead of searching for the name of an author, use the “anywhere except full text” option to capture the words in the byline. In the New York Times module of ProQuest Historical Newspapers, some photographs are not visible. Instead of an image, the text “blocked due to copyright” appears. In these cases, one can still view the blocked image by clicking on the page map of the image, or the PDF of the full page image. Another option is to consult the microfilm. For more information on the controversy around the copyright of photographs in the New York Times, see New York Times v. Tasini.

Date range: 1764-2011

Publisher: ProQuest

Publisher About page:

Object type: Newspapers

Location of original materials: United States

Location of subject matter: U.S.; Canada; England; Ireland; Scotland; China; India; Israel

Exportable image: Yes

Facsimile image: Yes

Full text searchable: Yes

Digitized from microfilm: Yes

Mussell, James. ProQuest Historical Newspapers. Reviews in History. June 2011.

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